This display went on for about 2 hours, with almost constant lightning, on the evening of the 10th of January, 2008 and are taken from the Wandarrie Camp at the Argyle mine.

Amazingly, all of photo's are hand held (some are better than others, as I had a pole to brace against).

The lights you can see in the bottom right corner aren't a fire, they're the lights at the the mine.

The red light on the hill is the communications mast on East Ridge.These don't do the skyshow justice, but they're not too bad!

I'm rather proud of these, my first real lightning shoot and I hope you like them too!

I will say that these photo's do nothing to show the real spread and diversity of thelightning on display. Sheet lightning going upwards across almost the entire visible sky, cloud to cloud, cloud to ground - it was amazing to watch. My first photo was at 21:00 and it 'kept' me up until 22:10 (the exif data is not on summer time, oops) and I had to be up at 04:45 thismorning after a 12 hour day!