I originally wanted to organise a helicopter charter, but 1 of the other people on the weekend with me pulled out (to be fair, he hadn't really committed) and I couldn't justify the price for just 2 of us, so I resigned myself to a non-flying weekend.

Anyway, it was then suggested to me that I tag on to a scheduled tourist flight over Lake Argyle, on to the Bungle Bungles and then back over the Argyle Diamond Mine and the Car-Boyd Ranges. So, I did.

It was an real early start, up at 04:30 and an early drop-off at Alligator Airways office at the Kununurra Airport at 05:30. Anyway, it was 110% worth it. An amazing flight, with commentary (both recorded and from the pilot) - I would happily do it again in a heartbeat. My only complaint was that there was only one go at the view of Cathedral Gorge and there was no way to communicate with the pilot.

Oh, my biggest suggestion to photographers doing this trip? Where dark clothes, including trousers. The reflections off my cream shorts and white legs were terrible!