Today started off again with a relatively early morning walk along the beach, still taking photos of that, sorry :-)

Then we went out on the boat, the water was a bit better this time and I didn't get sick!

We went into the Sancurary Zone just off the Navy Pier and went snorkelling. Now, I haven't snorkelled for years and years, so don't laugh at the photo's. I've put ones of me up in the interests of fair play!

The snorkelling was amazing, the variety of sea life was astounding and we were only a few hundred meters off the shore and in about 2m of water.

We then went squidding for a fair bit of the afternoon, but no-one told the squid and they weren't home! The big cod chasing the 'Charlie Court' fish on the squid rig was pretty amazing...

Oh, nearly forgot, on the way past, literally, the marina groynes, we went right past a Dugong, grazing on the sea grass. Luckily, I was quick with the camera and got some shots. Amazing...