Zenfolio | Simon Blears | Mongolia - Fri 20th Jan, 2012

The President of Mongolia was visiting site yesterday, so all the trimmings were laid out. I was told the flags were in order of importance :-)Part of the extensive construction activity on siteOutside one of the office areas where I spend most of my time the past weekBelieve it or not, this is a building to house the ore stockpiles. The wind gets so strong that they need to be covered.The Chinese love flags, apparently, so they go to town on their parts of the building siteThe main gate at Oyu TolgoiHave a safe journey!, complete with sat phoneI've no idea how to even try and say this in Mongolian, but I bet you know how to say it!Another view of the stockpile store..And another....Shiny new power pylonsYup, it's the desert!Survival!A view of OT construction from many km awayNot a lot out here!Apparently, these trees are some  of the only remaining trees in the Gobi Desert and these are around 300 years oldThe 'Big Ger' complex, used for events such as horse racing and vvip'sThis guy was out here all by himself, other than the dog you'll see shortly, and was hardly dressed for the weather,nut he didn't seem to care!Unaarbat, one of the Mongolians I have been working with this week (along with an Indian, and American and a Canadian).One of the Gers with an ornate door!