Zenfolio | Simon Blears | Broome - By Helicopter

So, as I love photography so much and given that I love helicopters too and that they go so well together, it was only natural to look at a heli tour while in Broome. Now, this was not as easy as it sounded. My all day fixed wing flight was Friday, so I needed to do it Thursday. The R44 that I found on the net in Broome wasn't available Thursday, struck out with 2 other heli companies, so I finally got onto Broome Helicopter Services and left a message. I was called back promptly and, after telling them what I was after and assuring them I knew how much helicopters cost to charter, the lovely lady said she'd get back to me.

Around 1:30pm, she did and one of their pilots agreed to take me up for 30 mins at 3:30pm! Woohoo, could hardly wait.

3:20 arrived, so I went to their office at the Airport, had a chat with Rebecca and Joe (the pilot) about what I wanted to achieve, we agreed on a route and a price and off we went.

I'll let the pics tell the story, but what a ball! The first pic was at 13:34 and the last at 14:22 and it was 48 mins of pure heaven.

Thanks Rebecca and Joe, I had a great time and appreciated the efforts you went to to arrange. Hope you slept well, Joe!
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