Went along to the first Pink! concert in Australia on Friday night, 2.5 hours after jetting in from Argyle where I'd been since Wednesday.

My thoughts? Great, but the Burswood Dome really is a lousy venue! The sound at the beginning was crap, very boomy and the seats ($200 worth, apparently) were the usual plastic chairs that were too small for an average person.

Anyway, the concert was, ultimately, great. Pink reallly is a consumate showman and she can sing too. It was great to hear some covers as well - "I touch myself", "Bohemian Rapsody". "Crazy" etc... Damned excellent.

Thanks Pink, a great night!

(These photo's were taken with my new 'baby' camera, my Olympus i8000, not my usual 'beast' - so, please excuse the relatively poor picture quality)